Thursday, February 16, 2017

Surya Vamsi Samachar - January 2017

Pasting a few images of the Surya Vamsi Samachar - January 2017 Edition through this page below

Friday, February 10, 2017

Few videos of Ammavaru

Images of Maatha

Few clicks from Sree Sree Sunamajakani mata devastanam

Sree Sree Sunamajakani mata and Malkamma Jakani mata

Committee members

Ammavari pallaki seva

Annadana Karyakramam

Closing Ceremony of 14th Annual celebrations

Thanks to all the devotees of Sri Sunamajakani mata for such a successful closing of 14th anniversary. We shall expect the same participation and enthusiasm in the future coming years and also in our daily lives..:) 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Matrimony Guidelines

Most of you must be knowing that Matrimony option is provided through the Shree Sunama Jakini Maatha app powered by 4G Labs for the Are Katika community members to submit their profiles. Here are your answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I view/update my profile ?
You can resubmit your profile if you think that you have provided incorrect details. Admins shall review it and update it in the database.

  • How do I get to know other's profiles then ? Whom to contact ?
Once you submit your profiles, admin will review and add your number to the separate whatzapp group. Make sure you provide the phone number that is active on whatzapp. Admin will periodically share the updated profiles through this group. Please refer to the below guidelines for using the app once you are added

  • How do I know more details like gotra, occupation, native place etc.,
Mobile app has an option to search at Menu->Matrimony->Search. You can input mobile number of the profiles that is published through the pdf file shared through the whatzapp group

  • Any alternate way to see the list of profiles as I have not submitted the profile through the app yet.
We recommend to download the mobile app from . Users who does not have access to mobile app can alternatively submit profiles through website

Invitation to the whatzapp group is restricted to those members who posted their profiles through the mobile app or website

  • Why cannot I search for other's profiles by age, gender etc.,?
Please note that this app is available in Google Play Store and any other community member shall also be able to download install it. We have carefully analyzed this feature and decided to not display the profiles submitted to the general public.  This is to respect the privacy of confidential information like demographic and contact details. Not everyone would like to get projected in public due to social reasons. We hope you understand and agree with us.

  • Whom to contact for any questions/queries related to this ?

Please reach out to or post your queries through the 'Shree Sunama Jakini Mobile App' Enquiry section

Pasting below the guidelines for Sunama Matrimony Group powered by 4G Labs.

  • Membership for this group shall be through submission through the mobile app. 
  • Group admins shall verify the submission and add the mobile numbers to this group.
  • Forward messages and anything unrelated to this group is highly discouraged. Kindly share it with your close and trusted family members only.
  • Please do not request for addition of other friends/family members unless submitted through the app. If you are a member of this group, it means that you have submitted your profile through the app and it got validated.
  • On a periodic basis, admins shall post the profiles 
  • 4G Labs or Sunama Jakini App team shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the profile. Subscribers are requested to validate the profiles on their own and proceed accordingly. 
  • 4G Labs or Sunama Jakini App team shall not be responsible for any conflicts arising out of the discussions between the members.
  • Members violating the group guidelines shall be removed without notice

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

App Developed by 4G Labs

Smt. Prathyusha Palangtodkar and Smt. Shashikala Kotankari have developed a mobile app with complete information about Shree Sunama Jakini Maatha Temple, Gooty. It is an exclusive app for the piligrims of Maatha. This mobile app shall cover complete information about the annual celebrations, events and festivals of Maatha.  The app has information about the history, events details, location (how to reach temple), image gallery, latest notifications, Emergency contacts, Samaj contacts. Also important information about the temple are sent to the users mobile through the push notifications. The app can be freely downloaded from Google Play store at 

They run a software company called 4G Labs based out of Bangalore. They have developed several software applications for the benefit of society. More information about them can be found at

Monday, February 6, 2017

Roles and Responsibilities

Below are the details about the contact persons volunteered for various activities of the upcoming 14th Annual celebrations of Shree Sunama Jakini Maatha.